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Eden Eternal Adds New Sage Class Trailer

by on August 27, 2023

X -Legends Studios continues to push the resurrected Eden Eternal with a new Sage class update. The MMORPG game was relaunched earlier this year.

Following the discontinuation of Eden Eternal by Gamigo in 2021, X-Legend relaunched Eden Eternal in May. The former owner expressed its dissatisfaction with the revenues generated by the game at the time. The company said it was shutting down the game because it could “no longer sustain itself”

However, in May 2023, X-Legend was able to relaunch the game in fine style. The relaunched version features class balance adjustments and other improvements along with cross-server PvP.

In addition, X-Legend rolled out a pre-registration campaign a few months before re-launching, offering an NFT Alpaca as a reward for completing various pre-registration tasks. Even though the NFT Alpaca was offered outside of the game, it resulted in a delay for the PC version on Steam

Impressively, on launch day, the Steam version of Eternal Eden logged a peak daily concurrency of 661 players. The current peak concurrency averages at around 220 players, a drop from launch day but still a healthy number. So far, so good. A very satisfactory reward for the studio’s efforts.

Nonetheless, the new developer has no plans to leave the game as it. Firstly, there was an update earlier this week that added the hammer-wielding, light-infused Sage class. This leveled the playing ground for stronger and more intriguing battles.

Secondly, X-Legends installed a new treasure-hunting event in the game. This brings new cash shop items and rewards for players who can reach 66 hours of play. This should bring more players and result in longer gameplay times.

As the gaming community continues to embrace the efforts made by the developer, there is no doubt that he will keep adding more.

.X-Legend Entertainment is a Taiwanese game developer and publisher founded in 2002. Prior to 2016, they mainly developed online MMORPGs in Chinese for other studios.

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