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Design Director At Obsidian Wants To Make Historical RPG!

by on April 21, 2016

Many in game development desire to make a certain kind of game. Whether it be a specific story, or a specific genre, the dream is always there. For Obsidian Entertainment’s Design Direct Josh Sawyer, he recently told a Tumblr user that he wants to make a historical RPG:

“ilitarist asked: Is there anything stopping you from doing historical RPG? Do you consider PoE a historical RPG cause it functions more like a historical fiction than a typical fantasy story?

I need to devote my attention to the project I’m currently directing, but it is my intention that the next project I direct (after this one) will be a historical RPG. It’s something I’ve been talking to Feargus every once in a while for the past couple of years and he’s been supportive.

I don’t consider PoE to be a historical RPG in any way. When I say “historical RPG” I mean something set in Earth’s history – inclusive with fantastic variations, like Darklands and Ars Magica.”

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