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Tag-Team, Brawler RPG Dungeon Punks Coming This Summer!

by on April 21, 2016

Finding new ways to reinvent classic genres is hard to do. But sometimes, it’s just putting a small twist on things. Take for example Dungeon Punks, a side-scrolling, tag-team, brawler RPG. That’s unique just in description.

More specifically, it’s “a multiplayer side-scrolling brawler RPG with a
unique tag-team system that allows each player to control two heroes at
once, while managing and controlling a full party of up to six heroes.
The adventure can be enjoyed cooperatively by up to three players via
couch co-op, or solo with computer-controlled teammates.”

The game will also feature:

* Incredible combination of brawler, fighting game, RPG and
side-scrolling gameplay;
* Six wild heroes, each with a distinct and unusual personality as
well as unique class-specific special moves;
* A darkly humorous storyline that navigates a world of medieval
fantasy where magic has taken the place of technology and the
resurrection insurance industry has run amok;
* An enormous amount of special magical attacks;
* Highly responsive environments that interact with player and enemy
actions, allowing heroes to bring additional punishment upon enemies;
* A large variety of gorgeous levels offering non-linear exploration
* Additional features that make Dungeon Punks a complete Action RPG
experience, including tons of quests, mounts, traps, power-ups, weapon
types, and distinctive boss monsters

Dungeon Punks is expected to release this summer for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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