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Cyberpunk Adds New Update Ahead of Release

by on August 22, 2023

Cyberpunk plans to release Phantom Liberty in September this year and along with it a major update. The new improvements will bring more gameplay formats for the huge RPG game. The studio will add a new spy-thriller-inspired storyline fueled by Idris Elba with Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, releasing on September 26th.

In the Gamescom 2023 trailer, several new weapons were shown, including the “Osprey” and “Rasetsu” sniper rifles, a shiny red katana, a flamethrower weapon dubbed the “Hercules,” and a new category of “illegal” modified weapons, like shotguns and handguns.

There is no doubt that Phantom Liberty will bring a heartwarming story to Night City. It will also bring a new skill tree that will allow players to create new builds and playstyles. Plus, the new hangout, Dogtown, will add more places to explore. Both the Police and Combat AI systems have been overhauled to make everything feel more dynamic and realistic

In addition, there is a new cyber ware system, which correlates V’s armor stats with your cyberware., This allows you to boost and debuff your equipment in accordance with your layout.; Plus, there is a new perks system that allows you to dodge bullets, dash in mid-air, and do a variety of finishing moves.

Furthermore, the trailer also features a brand-new vehicular combat system. This allows V to ride shotgun and eliminate nearby vehicles while in transit. The momentum inflicts carnage on anyone who dares to cross his path.

Moreover, this phase of the overhaul allows the local police to chase punks for longer distances. Plus the NCPD now has a heavily armed attack force that will intervene if the others fail. The unit is powerful and armored and is known as the MaxTac Psycho Squad.

With Phantom Liberty 2.0, the police system, vehicle combat changes, and skill tree overhauls are included for free on Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and PC.


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