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CliffyB Announces New Game Project LawBreakers at GDC! What Does the Gears of War Developer Have in Store Next?!

by on March 17, 2016

During this week’s Game Developers Conference, Cliff Bleszinski and his team at Boss Key Productions announced the developer’s new upcoming massive multiplayer first-person shooter, LawBreakers. The game is going to be available exclusively for Steam at launch. Fans can add it to their Steam Wishlist now at this link.

Lawbreakers is focused on gameplay where the laws of physics can be shattered. The combat features intense, gravity-based action that results in an ever-evolving and bloody arena. The game is set in a futuristic and rebuilt America, where players choose whether to kill for the nobility of the “Law,” or go out for blood as a “Breaker.” Players will take part in an epic conflict that’s going on across iconic landmarks such as the Santa Monica coast, a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and an almost unrecognizable Mount Rushmore.

LawBreakers will also have a digital premium version at launch. According to Boss Key Production, the currently known price will not have the $60 price point of a traditional box product.


Speaking on the release, designer Cliff Bleszinski stated: “As the game continued to take shape, we realized free-to-play wasn’t the right fit for what we’re building. LawBreakers is a competitive game at heart and that means balance is a big priority to me, my team, and our community. Using a digital premium model helps ensure an even playing field by giving fans access to every available role without any barriers.”

Bleszinski added on the gamed: “Being constantly compared to the current slew of colorful shooters on the market made us realize we needed to stand out from the crowd. We decided to take a step back and explore how we could dial up the maturity in LawBreakers, going back to our original vision. The new look and feel embraces the innovative and vertical nature of our game elevated by violence, intensity and competition.”

LawBreakers will be playble for attendees at next month’s PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. While the game does have an initial launch for the PC via Steam, a FAQ list from Nexon America suggesst that it could be released elsewhere in the future.

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