League of Legends

League of Legend Review – Best Esport Game

by Warner Williamson July 3, 2023
League of Legends has traveled a large trajectory. The game was dreamed into existence when a desperate Riot tried to replace its falling DotA game. They wanted something that would inspire players in a similar setting as Warcraft III Defense of the Ancient map. The game has become the center of eSport gaming with more […]

Project Loki Blends Super Devs Powers

by Warner Williamson June 29, 2023
TheoryCraft announces an all-inclusive shooting game called Project Loki. The company brings veteran talents together to form a new game development studio. These developers possess eons of experience in the online game space, having worked at companies like Bungie, Riot, and Blizzard. Project Loki is a unique twist to common MMOs. as it will seek […]