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Castle Torgeath Is A Dungeon Crawler RPG Aimed To Kill You! Find Out More Here!

by on February 8, 2016

A classic genre appears to be heading back to PC in the former of a dungeon crawler. This one in the form of Castle Torgeath: Descent Into Darkness. As previewed by Chalgyr, the game is a throwback to the days of yore, where enemies are all around and aiming to kill you, and you must be cautious, careful, and quick, in order to survive.

“It was just another sunny afternoon when you come across a notice board looking for adventurers to help on a quest of exploration and discovery of old castle ruins. Offering a hefty lump sum and an extra cut of anything of worth found, you set off to join the expedition team. At the ripe character level of “1” equipped with nothing more than the clothes on your back, a torch, and a sword, you walk into the castle ruins. There’s a cave-in leaving you trapped in the dark. Torches only last for so long and the expedition team is nowhere in sight. What was that sound? You’re not alone down here and it looks like Castle Torgeath really is going to be a Descent into Darkness to find your way out.”

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