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Blizzard Warns World of Warcraft Hunter Class

by on October 23, 2023

Once considered the safest class in the MMORPG, the Hunter class has been shown to be a dangerous group. Blizzard has published a gameplay report in which it warns Hunters to be careful.

In a detailed report published by the studio, World of Warcraft zones and classes were classified and ranked by the percentage of deaths that occurred during gameplay. Blizzard uncovered what the unluckiest class is for UK players in its MMORPG.

Among these details, it was likewise uncovered what are the deadliest spots to visit in World of Warcraft Classic. Tragically, the insights haven’t been positive for the Hunter Class, uncovering that it has the most noteworthy death level of any class. Over 41% of UK players who picked this class wound up meeting their long-lasting downfall.

” The Hunter is in many cases seen as a protected class, yet be careful, as looks can be misleading,” Blizzard tells WoW players.

One of the key take aways from the report was how to improve the sirvuval rate in the game. Players wgi desire to live longer may want to avoid the hunter class. Nowever, pthers may see thi as unacceptable since this is one of the most important search and advance classes.

Another option would be to avoid place with high mortality rates. Three places mentioned in the report were:

  • Teldrassi
  • Undercity
  • Stormwind

According to the report, these places are have caused most death for UK players.  Players who ventured into these places died quickly, defeated by Hardcore Reakms. Blizzard also noted that the most dangerous player level  was 6.

All level 6 players that reached these territories only 10% managed to survive. That is a 90% death rate. Playing safe may be one way to keep advancing, yet what is a game without taking risks?

The data is available for those who desire to use them. However, gaming should be free and fun.


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