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Albion Online Names Update in Tease Trailer

by on August 24, 2023

The studio at Albion Online has touted a new release since early spring this year. It has finally named the update ‘Wild Blood’ in a tease trailer released earlier today.

According to Sandbox Interactive, the update will bring sweeping changes to its MMORPG. The tease summarized the upgrades as follows:

  • Shapeshifting weapon skills
  • New tracking system
  • Awakened and legendary items

Insights to Game Tease

During the trailer, a group of hunters pursues a formidable beast in a dark forest. In a unique showcase of the improved tracking system, the hunters are able to follow the monster even in the pitch darkness.

In addition, the trailer presents an Albion werewolf, a fast, fantastic creature. It is just one of the many shapes that players will be able to acquire with the new shapeshifting weapon skills. Other forms include bears, imps, ents, eagles, rock golems, and panthers.

Albion Online is a free medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. The studio is located in Berlin, Germany. The game is a medieval fantasy MMORPG based on Arthurian legends with militaristic strategy elements.

Moreover, in Albion Online, the economy is run by the players and crafting is highly prized. There are a lot of challenging PvE and PvP tasks, but you can also enjoy fishing, farming, and animal breeding. The game offers plenty of fantastic content, including dungeons

In addition, players can earn Silver in the game by defeating open-world mobs and then strategically farming them.  This will generate valuable loot that can be sold. By understanding in-game market trends and properly pricing items, players are able to flip items and get more Silver.

Whether you are a PvE player who enjoys exploring the world and completing quests or a PvP player who loves engaging in large-scale battles, Albion Online has something for everyone

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