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Albion Online Can Still Transfer Islands

by on September 18, 2023

As players brace for the large upcoming update to Albion Online, the studio is pushing players to transfer their content.  Players have one last opportunity to transfer islands and other content before the October 16th update.

Albion Online players have one last chance to move their islands before the Wild Blood update arrives. The update will feature new shapeshifter weapons, a tracking system, and a revamped island system. Wild Blood launches with city-specific bonuses based on biome, so player islands will benefit from the new system

“With the Wild Blood update, crops, herbs, and farm animals will thrive differently in different biomes,” the studio explained.

“Each city will have local farming bonuses for one crop, one herb, one farm animal, and one additional farmable having increased yields. These bonuses will function and be displayed similarly to the local production bonuses that apply to crafting.”

The final transfer window for player islands remains open until Wild Blood’s October 16th launch, so it’s crucial that players choose the correct location for their needs

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the developers announced the status update.

“Big news! The Wild Blood update brings major changes to Islands, introducing biomes with city-specific production bonuses. You have a one-time chance to relocate your island until Oct 16! Choose wisely after checking the bonuses here:’

The post was accompanied by an informational video imploring users to move their islands. Check out the video below.

This free MMORPG is developed by Sandbox Interactive, a Berlin-based studio. Set in a medieval world, Albion Online combines medieval fantasy, medieval strategy, and the Arthurian legends.

In Albion Online, everything is player-driven, including the economy and crafting. Besides challenging PvE and PvP content, you can also relax, fish, farm, and breed animals. Sandbox Interactive was acquired by Stillfront Group for €130M on Dec 18, 2020.

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