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by on April 14, 2024

The game will strengthen its blacklist features with Dawntrail this July. As announced in a Live Letter from the Producer last night, blacklisting will add model removal, muting, and estate expulsion.

All characters on any blacklisted, muted, or “evicted” player’s account will be affected. Previously, any other characters could still interact. A paid account could create multiple alts and harass players.

As a result of account-wide blocking, whack-a-mole will no longer take up valuable blacklist space. Mutation will also be achieved by using a mute list, which means that muted players will simply be silenced.

The new “blacklist” feature in FFXIV is much more powerful. Players on the full-fledged blacklist will be permanently disabled from in-game visibility. Prior to this feature, players who were harassed had to use unofficial mods.

This includes a long-requested feature called “estate expulsion,” which not only removes an offender from the estate but also automatically removes them every time they try to enter.

While you can still queue into duties with the offending parties, the game will block their name and chat, allowing you to temporarily unhide the character’s chat in case there’s anything vital missing (but likely not). Still, it’s an improvement.

The Lodestone privacy settings will be expanded to allow players to limit their visibility by group. In addition, you’ll be able to decry specific topics or certain shout chat spam with muting features. Some Crystal players want to block certain venue descriptions.

FF XIV is a persistent world MMORPG in which players can interact with one another and the environment. Players are able to customize these features such as names, race, gender, facial features, and starting classes, which can be used in the game.

In 2010, Square Enix developed and published Final Fantasy XIV, the second online role-playing game in the main Final Fantasy series and the first to be developed for Microsoft Windows.

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