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Albion Online Rolls Out “Foundations” Update

by on April 15, 2024

There is a new chapter in the history of Albion’s warfare! Dubbed ‘Foundations’, it lines the game with strong Fortifications, rousing Siege Banners, overflowing Territory Activity Chests, and more.  Albion’s latest update sets the stage for fierce battles across the land.

A new feature in this update is Fortifications, which lets guilds upgrade the walls, gates, and guards that protect their territories. This will help them in providing successively tougher barriers to enemy attacks.

Notably, a Siege Banner changes the dynamic of territory battles, forcing both attackers and defenders to rethink their tactics. However, attackers must carry their banners to the territory tower to be victorious. Distinctly, defenders may end an attack early by controlling the banner until it is destroyed.

The Territory Activity Chest accumulates loot based on activity levels surrounding it. This inspires guilds to maintain a presence near their holdings and ensure outsiders operate safely. Greater loot also encourages rivals to loot the chests and take them for their own. According to the Dev talk summary, territories would generate the following points.

‘Territories generate Fortification Points:

  • This starts at the beginning of each season
  • They reset at the end of each season
  • The amount generated in a territory depends on its Energy Level’

Another new feature included in the Foundations update are the new weapons. Players can secure the three crystal weapons that offer prestigious rewards for completing the Conqueror’s Challenge.. These are the: Arctic Staff, the Phantom Twinblade, and the Crystal Reaper.

However, the new additions get more exciting with Albion Online adding a long-desired mode. The Spectator Mode will allow creators and streamers to broadcast their own Custom Matches, allowing them to organize their own tournaments however they want.

Furthermore, The game has been updated with new spells for the Hammer, allowing you to strike down enemies on Albion’s battlefields. Plus, a host of other improvements have been made to the game. These include solo tracking improvements, new territories, and many changes to combat balance.

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