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WorldShards Upcoming MMORPG Game

by on October 25, 2023

With tons of new MMORPG launching every day, it is hard to present something new, and innovative enough to lock players. WorldShards seem to have found a way to do just that abd stay competitive.

With an ideal backdrop against the realm of Murrlandia, it provides players with the ability to shape their virtual world. There are three lore options in the game:

  • conquest,
  • building and crafting,
  • exploration,

With WorldShards, you can create your own island, cultivate farms, establish bustling towns, and fortify your defenses. Collaborating with other players is crucial to achieving even greater things, as together you can accomplish even more.

In addition, a captivating story unfolds in this game with hidden secrets to discover. Players experience an immersive environment that changes as they choose, allowing them to personalize the experience.

There is something compelling about WorldShards’ player-driven economy. By allowing players to build, craft, barter, and trade with each other, it empowers them to specialize and entrepreneurs.

Notably, the social and community aspects of WorldShards are as wide and varied as your imagination can dazzle you. Whether you’re seeking companionship, forming guilds or forging relationships, the game invites players to get involved.

Furthermore, the game also introduces the Colossal Meowkles, feline companions who aid players in their quests, adventures, and journeys. These delightful creatures enhance the gameplay experience with an enhanced sense of companionship and delight

Aside from their participation at Gamescom Asia, WorldShards has received invaluable feedback from previous tests in preparation for the upcoming closed beta at the end of 2023.

Keeping players involved in the development process will ensure that the game will continue to grow and improve based on player feedback. You can stay in the loop and get involved with the upcoming beta by visiting WorldShards’ official website. The game is been developed by Lowkick Studio,


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