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Whatever Happened to Chrono Odyssey?

by on July 4, 2023

In 2022, tons of gamers were left stranded with their hands on the console awaiting the hyped release of the new upcoming Chrono Odyssey. But it never came and with another year more than halfway through, players are still wondering what ever happened to the game.

The game is set in a futuristic world called Setera, which is unexplored and full of resources and riches. A special artifact carved by the “The Great Ones”, the Chronotector, makes it possible to travel through space and time. As you travel, you are expected to form alliances and fight enemies who are dedicated to your doom.

The trailer has been one of the most impressive to date, showing new and unfathomable monsters, powerful foes, mysterious worlds, and a touch of magical romance. Everyone was intrigued and drawn into the design. They wanted to be on Setera.

But it never happened.

Chrono Odyssey Is Near

There is some news surfacing from the underworld that it may still be alive. However, there seem to have been some reductions and changes. Firstly, the hyped mobile launch has now faded to a PC-only debut. We can adjust to this if they would just go live.

Another reduction is the number of roles available. There are now five jobs down from a promised 18. However, this is all workable as there are both PvE and PvP battle formats, enhanced by the magical switching of weapons.

You can view the trailer and gameplay here. 

What we still do not know is when this game will become a reality.


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