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The Technomancer Showcases Companions Feature! Watch the New Trailer Here!

by on May 19, 2016

Focus Home Interactive and Spiders┬áreleased a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming sci-fi RPG The Technomancer. The new game is due out later this summer, and the new trailer shows off the game’s companion mechanics. Throughout the game, Companons will follow the player throughout his journey through the Red Planet of Mars.

Each companion in the game has his/her own story. Players can get to know them, and some companions will join out of loyalty and others will join out of mere opportunity. While exploring of fighting, players can select up to two companions for a party to come with you. Companion selection has to be done carefully, and each one has their own unique fighting styles. The companions have special talents for utility, crafting, knowledge in science or lockpicking. Picking one over the other will have an impact on the overall gameplay.

Companions all have an agenda or preoccupations. They will ask the player for help or for favors to be done. If the player accepts the request, this will trigger a series of missions that will provide more information for that companion’s past. Completing the side quests will add more gameplay and improve the relationship with the companions.

In addition, the companions also have a progression system and will level up alongside the player. Each companion also gets their own inventory to modify their gear at any time. They can be equipped with new weapons and armor that can be upgraded with crafting talents

The Technomancer finally arrives on June 28. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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