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Tarisland Teases City Of SilverLit

by on September 19, 2023

As Tarisland gets closer to its launching date, it has released a special information post. The data shed light on the Airborne City of SilverLit.  The game is scheduled to launch later this year.

Notably, it has floating buildings, carved stoneworks, and a sense of nobility that permeates the city every pixel. There is a wide diversity of races in this thriving metropolis. According to the developers, the city is a vibrant army completely under the rule of the Capulet family, the Airborne City is known for its striking floating structures suspended over its streets.

In addition, the city was once home to the famous SilverLit Academy, but it was destroyed under mysterious circumstances. A new Academy named Starlight now stands in its place and still attracts aspiring mage students.

According to the original post, there are many special and unique details that will interest gamers about the city.

“SilverLit is a thriving city with advanced commerce and a diverse mix of races, fostering an atmosphere of freedom. The Capulet family attracted homeless people yearning for a free life worldwide through their enlightened policies, gradually building the city’s current population size.

There are many famous public places and tourist attractions in the city, such as the “The Princess of Eternal Slumber” statue located in the city center and the towering, mysterious magic tower.”

Tencent is set to launch Tarisland in 2023, an upcoming non-P2W MMORPG. The game is set in a Western fantasy world with raids and diverse classes. The game boasts a wide-open world for players to explore.

Tencent Studio is an international development and publishing company. They specialize in providing high-quality interactive entertainment experiences to players, So far they have developed or published more than 140 games, including PUBG MOBILE, Call of Duty Mobile, and League of Legends, to hundreds of millions of players across over 200 countries and regions.


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