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Tarisland Opens Pre-registration on PC and Mobile

by on March 27, 2024

In preparation for the release of Tarisland, the upcoming MMORPG has opened up pre-registration on PC as well as mobile devices.

There will be some sort of pre-registration reward for those who register on the official site of the game. Players can also register on mobile platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

“Be among the first to embark on this amazing journey and receive a special gift for pre-registering. More details about this exclusive reward will be revealed soon, so keep an eye on our announcements!”

Tarisland launched a new beta testing period in China recently, which incorporates some of the promised improvements announced by the team. These improvements include new class options.

There was also a video showing off Tarisland’s new gameplay and story, along with the technical side of things, including how they managed to make a cross-platform game that is accessible for both PCs and mobile, without sacrificing content.

It makes sense to expand the pre-registration process across PC and mobile platforms, especially if things are going well.

In Tarisland, players can participate in raids, choose from a variety of classes, and navigate a vast world that is filled with myths, ghosts, and magic.

A second CBT version of Tarisland will be available for players from the United States, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belarus, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and so on.

Described as a sandbox MMORPG with raids, diverse classes & builds, and a vast world for exploration, Tarisland is an upcoming non-pay-to-win MMORPG from Tencent with a Western fantasy theme, to be released on PC and mobile in 2024

Most players can access the games using their PC or mobile devices during their early access. Try and verify that your language is supported in the translator before downloading the game..



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