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Tales of Symphonia PC Port Fixed? Find Out How Here!

by on February 14, 2016

A recent port of the classic Tales of Symphonia has been criticized by both gamer and critic almost the moment it released on PC and Steam. Resolution locking, bad controller inputs, and more led to fans being furious over the inability to play the game.

Now though, Steam has released two patches noting several updates and fixes to the game. You can read some of the fixes below:

2/2 Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Added VC++2013 redist to the installer config. 
  • Launching the game should allow this to install properly. 
  • Log File Writing error 
  • The game will no longer attempt to write to the C: drive. 
  • Save & Customize Menu delay (Windows 7) 
  • The save and customize menu should no longer delay 10 – 40 seconds upon opening.


  • Implemented various localization fixes to the menu 
  • Relocated localization file 
  • No longer editable
Bug Fixes

Controller Button Icons 

  • Addressed inconsistencies with legacy controller icons still showing up.


  • “Zelos Harem Master” legacy typo fixed in all languages.

Mouse Support 

  • Mouse Cursor icon hidden when in game

2/5 Fixes


Menu Localization 

  • Spanish & Italian switched in some menu options is now fixed. 
  • Previously missing Save & Load menu options are now localized with their corresponding prompts 
  • Exit Game menu option localization implemented 
  • Text alignment polish on Exit Game prompts 
  • Abbreviated some of the longer words in Keyboard Controls to avoid clipping with button textures.
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