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Fire Emblem Warriors

New Fire Emblem Warriors Video Shows Off Cordelia!

by Todd Blackon August 10, 2017
How differently does Cordelia play in Fire Emblem Warriors? What separates her from the other characters? The roster of Fire Emblem Warriors has been slowly growing since E3 2017. But one of the biggest reveals of the recent ones was Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening. Not only did it add another fan-favorite character to the […]

Fire Emblem Awakening Getting Art Book Via Dark Horse Comics

by Todd Blackon December 23, 2015
For many gamers in the west, Fire Emblem Awakening was the Fire Emblem game that pushed the series into top-tier territory in regards to Nintendo franchises. The game was heralded by many, including earning numerous Game Of The Year nominations for both handhelds and games overall. Now, via publisher Dark Horse Comics, a special art […]