Swords of Legends Fades Out of Western Markets

The last swish of the Chinese Swords of Legends filed its way into history this past June 30, 2023. The MMO game closed its Western presence and aspirations for the Chinese-based game developer, xxxx.

Swords of Legends was introduced into the Western gaming markets in 2021 by GameForge, a renowned distributor and game publisher. The company stated that the decision to close was partly influenced by poor sales and stagnant membership. enrollment.

GameForge published the announcement on its community gameboard and indicated that the decision to shut down Swords of Legends Online was a mutual agreement between it and the Chinese developer, Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment.

The Swords of Legends portal will continue to run until players have maxed out balances, but will not be accepting new players or new payments. The company has made it clear that there won’t be account transfer to the Asian market game set due to differences between the two platforms.

However, the developer gave players a parting bonus in discounts of 90& on store articles and cosmetics.

GameForge is not ready to accept any failure on its part although a three-year-old running thread on Reddit shows a trend of games closing after being entrusted to the publisher, These are very popular games that had a similar fate, including Aion, Guardians of Ember, Gates of Andaron, Runes of Magic, and Tera.

Western players who wish to continue enjoying Swords of Legends will need to start over on the Asian console. They will need to relearn the game as the Western Edition lagged behind in development and game updates.

Swords of Legends Online known in China as Gu Jian Qi Tan Overseas Edition, is an MMO game based on Chinese myths, magically bringing the beautiful, mythological stories of Ancient China. The game is released by the Chinese gaming studio Wangyuan Shentang & Arurogon