Acaratus Patch Has Arrived!

The medieval steampunk RPG Acaratus has gotten a new patch, and the team behind the game have given full details about what was fixed:

“We are working hard on the patch that is due out today! meanwhile have a look at whats going to be in the patch and what we are working on at the moment”

  • Fixed counterattacking prevented normal attack from being used.
  • Grappling hook now fires properly even if the projectile would miss.
  • Lots of smaller issues fixed as well.


Too much to list here for new features in the campaign, but to name a few major ones.

  • A new path generation system where connected roads can exists.
  • A better reward handling, so you can exit from battles as soon as you have won and still get rewarded.
  • You know have duration when traveling from points and each week that passes leads to harder enemies (20% harder) and new vendor items.
  • An item vendor that you can buy and sell to.
  • A card vendor that sells you packs of cards.
  • A slot vendor that allows you to unlock new slots.
  • An arena vendor that you can do challenges from and earn a lot of money but costs a lot of time.
  • The balance is wacky now, it could be really hard to complete the current campaign because it is still missing a lot of features so it is hard to get the correct balance right now.
  • Rebalanced blacksmithing costs for upgrading slots.
  • A watchtower that reveals a larger area.
  • You can only do armory work while inside a town currently, this is also the only way to regain lost troops.
  • Cards are lost forever when spent but you can get a lot of cards from chests and packs.


  • New armory scene with improved camera behavior.
  • Improved the build screen with some better lighting.
  • General improvements to the build screen.
  • Improved the display of card description in the deck builder scene.


  • Added new card (Detonate) that will make a unit immobile and explode doing considerable damage when it is your turn again, you also receive some armor bonus to make surviving easier.
  • Added new card (Flip cover) that will allow you to land a cover nearby any of your units, you can further improve it by casting guard etc..
  • Added new card (Shift up), this card is very experimental but it is meant to be used after a couple of rounds and provide a more interesting endgame by allowing units more actions, also the gearbox will probably have different stats in the future.
  • Units get exhausted now by moving, this debuff causes a 25% reduction in all projectile and aoe attacks but only lasts during your turn (can be removed by shift up card).
  • Small stat changes to various cards, Weakness got a slight boost and Overwatch now adds extra damage as well.
  • Movement speed was increased on all units.


  • Better footstep graphics and sound effects
  • Added different animation speeds and sound effects for different sized and weighted units.
  • Added new skirmish level (Sewer) this level uses the new camera system where we can angle the camera and still keep all the graphical elements aligned correctly.