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Steam’s Price For Skyrim Has Gone Up!

by on June 27, 2016

When Bethesda announced that they would be releasing a new version of Skyrim on modern consoles and PC, many were happy. Those that were especially happy were those who already had the Legendary Edition on PC. Because those that did would get the upcoming Special Edition for free.

As such, it’s no surprise that people have been trying to take advantage of this perk. Mainly by trying to find very cheap versions of the Legendary Edition. One such destination for this was Steam. However, the service has seemed to have caught onto this, and has thus raised its prices.

Now, the current price for the Legendary Edition is $40, which truthfully is lower than what it originally came out as when released, but, is still higher than what it was before the Special Edition was announced. To be clear, the Legendary Edition does contain all content ever released for Skyrim.

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