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Stardew Valley Creator Gives Update On Upcoming Content!

by on May 2, 2016

Stardew Valley has been immensely popular since its release, to the extent that the man behind the game have had little time to rest, as they have been tweaking and updating the game. In an update on the Stardew Valley site, the creator revealed that they have gotten a break, and are ready to continue adding and improving the game:

“Toward the end of April the launch buzz had cooled off enough that I could afford to take a short break. It’s been nice… I’ve actually played some other games for the first time in a long while, which was fun (Final Fantasy IX, Factorio, Age Of Empires II) . I feel refreshed, and I’m ready to get back to work!

First, here is a list of what’s planned for the future of Stardew Valley:

Version 1.1 — A substantial content update
Co-op Multiplayer
Localizing for non-english regions
Mac/Linux Ports
Console Ports
Now, there’s obviously a huge amount of work involved to achieve all this… and I am just one person. I know in the past I’ve been very adamant about doing everything myself… and I still am, when it comes to game design and content. However, I’ve decided to seek outside help for some of the more technical things listed above. More specifically, I’ve accepted an offer from Chucklefish in which they will handle the porting, localization, and the technical side of multiplayer. This will allow me to focus on creating new game content for version 1.1, which I will continue to do entirely on my own.”

He also outlined what’s coming in Version 1.1:

“In the meantime, I’d like to give a little rundown of some things I’m planning for version 1.1:

More late-game content
New farm buildings
New crops
New artisan goods
New advanced farming/producing mechanics
Shane and Emily will be marriage candidates. They will also have more events and dialogue as a result.
More marriage content for all spouses
More events for the non-marriage NPC’s
Improvements/Additions to mining and combat
Ability to move buildings and other convenience features
More bug fixes
More secrets
More small, fun touches to the world”

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