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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Next Chapter Has Been Revealed! Find Out the Fate of the Alliance in Visions in the Dark!

by on March 17, 2016

Electronic Arts and BioWare have revealed new details for the next chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire. The next chapter in the expansion series, “Visions in the Dark,” arrives on April 7. You can also check out the reveal trailer in the player below.

In the new chapter, the 12th for Knights of the Fallen Empire, the Outlander looks to unravel dangerous truths that binds the character to a dark enemy and wield a powerful new weapon inspired by some of the Greatest Force users in the galaxy. The Outlander now has to rise to defeat Arcann’s forces. The new chapter takes players to Odessen in order to face Emperor Valkorion. You can get a look at Valkorion in the concept art (courtesy of BioWare) and the reveal trailer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The new chapter is free to all subscribers, and new players can start the story with a new Level 60 character. Players who subscribe by April 1 will get Early Access and the new HK-55-inspired Weapon Set that includes a sniper rifle, a blaster pistol and a Vibrosword.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire is available now. The Visions of the Dark chapter will be available on April 7. The Old Republic is free to play, but Knights of the Old Republic is a paid expansion. More details are available on the game’s official website.


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