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Star Citizen Set to Revamp Its Testing Procedures

by on August 14, 2023

Every gamer has probably heard about Star Citizen, a proposed gigantic MMO that combines a space simulation and first-person shooter. The game has been under development for more than a decade and keeps improving the way players participate in beta testing.

In 2010, Pedro Camacho started the development of what most critics have called the ‘Impossible Game”. The game is still defined as an in-development MMO. Interestingly, the game promised space trading and combat simulation, a near conflict of concept. That is more like saying a multiplayer, battle royale, space trading game.

Nonetheless, the idea and story have won more investments than any other video game. The studio launched its crowdfunding campaign two years into development, 2012, and has led the road for the highest Crowdfuded game in the industry’s history. This finally led to the game being placed under the direction of Chris Roberts. The game is being developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows

Another feature that works for Star Citizens is its player base. According to MMO Population, the daily player count of the MMO game is 384,462, with a total player base of 20,234,857. These gamers have stood by the game during more than19 Apha tests and 13 years of game development. Their loyal feedback and support have made the game an investor’s dream.

In addition, the game development has been an open testing for most of its lifetime. The game host a public universe on Amazon Lumberyard and CryEngine. This allows players to test the game – fly spaceships, use the systems, run through new updates, etc. However, Cloud Imperium Games published a forum post last week highlighting important changes to its testing procedures.

In an effort to reduce costs and assure better game volumes at the end of each new update, the studio will be sending new future releases to selected players based on their past game activity. This means that players who have played throughout the complete release will be favored with the new permissions.

Even though this is not the best news for members, it does make financial and development sense. Star Citizen will advance faster if players can contribute to the full gameplay of each new update.

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