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Shiness: New Playable Characters Revealed

by on January 13, 2016

Enigami and Focus Home Interactive have revealed some new details for its upcoming action-RPG Shiness. You can also check out some new screenshots from the game (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive) below.

Shiness is set in the enchanting yet hostile lands of Mahera. Mahera has become fragmented. The game will feature five playable characters. Here are some profiles:

  • Chado, a young and adventurous Waki able to communicate with a spirit from nature, the Shiness, and who masters the element of Earth.
  • Poky, an engineering genius able to repair anything mechanical, who is able to manipulate magnetic fields and electrical currents.
  • Kayenne is a powerful Shelk warrior, who harnesses the psychic gift of Telekinesis; with this power, he may interact with the environment remotely, or paralyze enemies in battle.
  • Askel is a fearsome mercenary, whose whip is destructive in combat, but is also useful during exploration to retrieve items normally out of reach.
  • Rosalya uses the Fire element to disperse darkness, reveal hidden items or enemies, or inflict heavy damage during combat.

According to Enigami, a big part of the gameplay is having complementary teamwork between the characters. The game will feature 1-versus-1 combat. When players get into an arena, they have to adopt the best combat strategy to chain together punches, kicks, magic attacks and combo attacks. In these instances, companions can help out and replace the lead fighter, or offer assistance when necessary. This includes getting healed when your health is low, or casting a spell to boost your strength at the start of every fight. Players can also use Elemental affinities of each characters to weaken their enemies.

Shiness is scheduled for a 2016 release. Available launch platforms will be revealed at a later date. You can check out some new screenshots for Shiness, featuring the new playable characters for the game, below. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images.

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