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Rocket League Devs Give Update On Cross-Play Capabilities

by on March 29, 2017

Rocket League continues to be a game that is very popular. It set many records in 2016, and the team at Psynoix have been working hard to ensure that players are content with all that is going on with the game. Vice President Jeremy Dunham talked with IGN about this very thing. He noted that for the team, though it’s hard to keep up with the growth of the title, they want to make sure all the players are happy.

“That’s our big goal, to always have something for players to come back to and enjoy, whether it be a new game mode or new arena or just simple quality of life updates. Sometimes it can be the smallest things that make the biggest difference,” Dunham said.

For many Rocket League players though, the big question is, “Where is cross-play?” This is a feature the team at Psyonix have been teasing for a while, and as Dunham notes, they are working on it, and it technically is ready, but they want to make sure everything is worked out before it releases:

“It’s definitely something we still want to happen. It’s something we know all of our players want to happen, and not just for our game either,” Dunham said. “We’re going to continue to try to push that feature as long as we can and hopefully one day that will become a reality”

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