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Quiet DLC Coming To Metal Gear Online! Details Here!

by on February 17, 2016

A special expansion DLC is coming to Metal Gear Online, featuring the character Quiet that was a star in Metal Gear Solid V.On the Konami website, the DLC, as well as Quiet herself, was detailed:

“We want to share some more info about Quiet, our new Unique Character included in this DLC. As most of you are aware, Quiet is a very skilled sniper.
In MGO, she will carry on that special skillset from the single player. More specifically, she will have an aim that’s almost perfectly accurate in both third person and first person with minimum to no camera sway. This means she has superior skill handling her Sniper Rifle even in close/mid range proximity.

Quiet’s exceptional movement speed allows her to sprint infinitely in MGO. On top of this, a temporary sprint boost to her already fast speed and added cloaking effect is activated while sprinting by pressing down the left stick. Keep in mind that this temporary boost has a cooldown, so you will need to decide the best situation to use it.

Her quick movement speed also allows her to jump to the tops of ladders and up to high platforms. You can fully see these skills in action when playing in maps with multi-level verticality.”

No confirmed release date for this DLC has been given.

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