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Pioneers of New Dawn Update

by on August 15, 2023

Game studio Arctic Theory has announced new updates on its MMO, Pioneers of New Dawn will be revealing details on its closed alpha later this year.

Arctic Theory announced its MMO, then known as “Annex,” in November of 2022. It was touted as a collaborative, ambitious game in which players worked together to survive after the fall of a long-lost civilization.

As a result of the ecological disaster, the world we now know has been “rejuvenated,” and players are taking on the role of Pioneers to survey, explore, and establish permanent settlements on New Dawn

In New Dawn, players can explore and cultivate a persistent world, a single-shard sandbox MMO.

The rugged planet will naturally push back against players, making creating a lasting settlement, trade network, and colony a delicate balance between player needs and the planet’s desire to reclaim them.

A survey of the land ahead of time is crucial to choosing where to build in Pioneers of New Dawn. The survey includes both ecological and geological characteristics, as well as weather conditions.

As the environment in New Dawn is ever-evolving, the aim is to get players to revisit locations they’ve previously built or to progress to the point where their surveying kits evolve in tandem, allowing for more “long-term planning.”

Besides weather, ecological factors play a role in Pioneer settlement locations. Arctic Theory suggests the biomes can shift post-harvest, so that new species may appear in areas where they previously didn’t exist.

Pioneers of New Dawn rely heavily on settlement building. Players establish settlements, set up trade posts, and set up routes between settlements to survive in this hostile environment.

One great tactic is to establish fast travel points. Players can reach any point on the map using them. Nonetheless, everything in the gameplay loop seems to promote the cooperative gameplay that Arctic Theory wants to create.


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