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Open AI Dives into The Gaming Industry

by on August 21, 2023

OpenAI has acquired Global Illumination for an undisclosed amount. A move that has paved the way for extending its AI tentacles into the gaming community.

Global Illumination is very popular due to its founders and current staff. The company was founded by Thomas Dimson, Taylor Gordon, and Joey Flynn. The GI team consists of ex-workers from Facebook, Google, Riot Games, and Pixar. Open AI has maintained the entire staff.

According to a post welcoming the team the company was quick to emphasize its objective of the purchase. The post stated that ‘the entire team has joined OpenAI to work on our core products including ChatGPT..’

Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that a tech giant like OpenAI is having a tech shortage. The reality is quite different. For starters, Global Illuminator is known for its development progress of the MMORPG game Biomes.

The game is currently in early access which suggests that OpenAI has other plans. The game is at an ideal stage to incorporate AI enhancements. The story is already written, the game is already developed and the team is talented.

In addition, it was announced this year that Microsoft was investing billions of dollars in OpenAI. Microsoft owns Minecraft and has been exploring AI applications. The collaboration between OpenAI and Microsoft offers the prospect of future endeavors between the two companies.

Plus, Open AI recently unveiled GPTBot, an AI that crawls the web to improve language learning models. This is where the Global Illumination team will become handy. Their vast expertise in leveraging AI can be harnessed to create new products and services.

The company is now in a strong position to further develop innovative gaming experiences and enhance its AI-powered products. We can expect a Biomes that will change the way players interact with games. Faster, smarter, and ever-learning foes and environment that transcends current RPG.


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