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Obsidian Gives First Dev Diary For Tyranny!

by on April 24, 2016

It’s not uncommon for game developers to pots “diary” entries for gamers to get a sense of what it is like make the games they’re developing. The Game Director of Tyranny, Brian Heins has dropped the first one for the upcoming RPG, you can check it out in full here, below are snippets that speak to the nature of the game and what gamers can expect.

“When we started working on Tyranny, there were several things we wanted to accomplish: make a game that builds on the technology being created for Pillars of Eternity, make the player feel important to the world from the beginning of the game, and focus on choice and reactivity in our quests and systems.

We knew going in that we had a solid foundation to build on from the Pillars team. This meant we didn’t have to worry about things like ‘how will we create areas?’ or ‘how does inventory work?’ Instead, we were able to focus our efforts on building the world and updating the RPG rules for the changes we wanted to make. This allowed us to do a lot with a small team early in development.”

He goes on to note how your character won’t be “weak” from the get-go, and that your choices really do affect how the game will play:

“We didn’t want you to be the ‘errand girl of Evil’. If you were just a grunt or a lackey, your ability to influence or change the world would be limited, and your responsibility for the fact that evil won would be reduced.

This required us to design our quests and content to reinforce this at every turn. We didn’t want you being approached by random NPCs asking you to rescue their cat from a tree. Your choices shape nations, and the quests had to reflect that.”

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