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No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Conspiracy

by on August 11, 2016


A few days ago, before the launch of the game No Man’s Sky for the PS4, lead developer Sean Murray made a statement saying that the chances of two players running into each other was “almost zero”, leading many to believe that although probably very unlikely, it was still possible to run into someone else also playing the game in some dark corner of the universe.  Well, on launch day the unlikely happened, and the result wasn’t exactly what people were expecting.

On August 9th, the very same day the game was released,  two streamers who were both on twitch live streaming NMS, found themselves on the same planet at the same time. After realizing this, they attempted to find each other, eventually ending up in the exact same spot as the other. But both unable to see or tell that the other was there.

So apparently you cannot see other players, right? Well Murray claims they could have been on different servers, which would explain why it was night time for one player, but day for the other at the exact same time in the exact same spot.  But for many people who bought this game thinking that they were entering into one big universe to explore with everyone else, it came as shock to find out they are actually in their own multiverse. Which means if you were hoping to PVE with a stranger you happen across,  for the now unless they patch the game that doesn’t look like an option.

Many players are upset, claiming that they were mislead and some even crying false advertising. Here is what lead developer Sean Murray had to say about it via twitter.



Which moments and Easter eggs Murray is referring to is still a mystery, but probably has something to do with players leaving their mark on planets they have discovered and by naming species. So can we see players who are on the same server, even if it is highly unlikely?  That still remains to be seen, but we probably are truly alone in the universe, as this encounter goes to show.

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