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New Roguelike Game, Beacon, Announced! Details Here!

by on March 9, 2016

A new top-down shooter RPG title called Beacon has been announced by developer Monothetic. The team aims for interesting gameplay that takes certain Roguelike standards and turns them on their head. Mainly in the realm of permadeath, as Beacon deals with clones, and every time you die, a new clone is made. But in a better way. Here is the synopsis for the title, you can view more about Beacon on its official website:

“You step out of the confined pod, disorientated and blinking. As your vision clears, a desolate view forms to greet you. The burning wreckage of your ship – your home – lies scattered cruelly across the surface of an alien landscape.

You must have come down hard. Picking your way through the remains of the ship, you look for answers, a weapon, a radio. Instead, you find a body. Your body.

Well, you think, at least the cloning bay still works.

Unfortunately, it seems like that’s about all that does. If you want to get off this planet, you’re going to have to explore it. You need to find equipment. You need to build a beacon. The forests look hostile, but you’ve got your gun.

And if the worst comes to pass, well, at least the cloning bay still works.”

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