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New Expansion Coming to Black Desert Mobile

by on September 20, 2023

Within a few days, Black Desert Mobile will launch a huge expansion and a new section. The Land Of The Morning Light will debut on September 26th alongside a new update. The release will echo in a brand new season and Woosa Awakening.

The Pearl Abyss team traveled to 15 real world locations to design the new content. The quests in the new content are culturally inspired. Land of the Morning Light will feature new gameplay options, new zones, and new gear

In addition, there are several quests in the expansion that draw inspiration from Korean folklore and fables. Through the storyline, you’ll meet characters from folktales, and you’ll encounter brand-new bosses in the expansion.

Furthermore, In the mobile extension, you will encounter four new bosses: Bari the Mudang Wraith, Gumiho the nine-tailed fox, Golden Pig King, and Songakshi the blue monster. The new bosses come with Black Shrine mode, which lets you challenge defeated bosses on a new difficulty level.

Once you defeat a boss, you can set the Calamity Level of your choosing. The expansion’s release on PC and console featured more bosses, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if some made the move to mobile.

Notably, there is a banshee in the new release that makes the game even more intriguing.  According to the preview, she possesses power over death itself. In the new expansion, Woosa Awakening (Choryeong) makes her debut in Black Desert Mobile. Here she summons the souls of the dead and uses flowers of death in her strategic combat.

Its ability to launch both long- and short-range attacks, as well as damage and confuse enemies, will make Woosa Awakening a powerful addition to the game.

In six days, all this will become your new gaming reality and experience. You may still want to view the trailer anyway.

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