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Lost Ark Update Coming Next Week

by on October 4, 2023

The Lost Ark update is just around the corner but the studio is already sharing important release details. The purpose of this information is to prepare players for the release.

Upon its release on October 11th, the update will introduce Pleccia, a new continent complete with new stories and questlines.

Several prerequisites must be met to access Pleccia. In order to visit this continent, you need to have reached item level 1475 and completed the “Call of Destiny” quest.

Then you’re ready to travel to a continent known for its art, romance, and history as well as its emphasis on freedom. Once you’ve reached item level 1475 and completed the “Call of Destiny” quest, you can embark on a new adventure.

Due to the fact that Pleccia is about to start a new story, there’s more to the city than beautiful places and art. Something mysterious is taking place, and you are about to get involved.

A number of NPCs, including the Vediche family, the Yoz illusionists, and others, will be involved in the intrigue. Completing the new story content will even unlock some special rewards.

The upcoming Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid is another preparation that you might want to consider. A Trial Guardian Raid is intended to be a similar challenge to the Legion Raid.

You need the Book of Coordination to set up your build, reach item level 1250, and complete “Raid Level 1: Defeat Vertus” to take on this instance. Once you complete all that, you can look forward to receiving some new achievements as well as a Legendary title.

As for the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid, the Lost Ark team will also mark the first regional clears of the raid on the leaderboards. In order to keep the competition fair, the raid will be opened simultaneously to all regions on October 14.

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