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Learn How to Survive on Mars in The Technomancer!

by on June 21, 2016

Focus Home Interactive and Spiders released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming RPG in The Technomancer. You can check out the new gameplay video in the player below. This new video gives an overview of gameplay mechanicis for The Technomancer, which is due out at the end of this month. This is how players will have to survive on Mars.

In the world of The Technomancer, Mars is a very inhospitable environment. Its terraforming was aborted hundreds of years ago, and the sun is murderous on the surface. Every crevice of the planet holds deadly threats. There are hybrid creatures roaming the surface and canyons that were originally bioengineered by the first settlers from the genetic makeup of animals on Earth. Human survivors are equally dangerous due to Mars’ isolationf rom Earth. Multiple factions have risen, and they are desperate and determined to secure whatever resources they can. The Technomancer can befriend factions based on player actions and choices in the story.

The game favors a diplomatic or a stealthy approach, but sometimes combat is the only choice to escape from peril. The Technomancer has some enhanced powers at his disposal, which can be expanding by spending points on the skill tree. Players can fight with the Techonmancer Staff, a blade and gun, or a mace and shield.

The Technomancer is due out on June 28. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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