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Individual Units In Civilization VI To Be Detailed Like Never Before

by on May 16, 2016

With the upgrade of graphics via a new engine, the art team behind Civilization VI had a lot of new challenges to overcome. One of them was about the individual units that came with the game. They needed to be larger, and more detailed. But now only that, they needed to truly look and resemble the warriors they’re acting as, and the countries/nations they’re representing:

“We still have our unique units. Like, you see the Samurai, which are still unique the Japanese. But even the base units, like the Pikemen, all have a cultural flare to them.” said Art Director Brian Busatti in an interview with IGN, “You still need to be able to read them as Pikemen – he still needs a long post, and it’s a very iconic shape. But we’ve gone a little further by changing up helmets, maybe the ends of the pike looks slightly different depending on the region the character is from. We’ve also got different skin tones, different ethnicity for the characters.”

Civilization VI comes out October 21st.

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