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Ilysia Beta 1 Testing Is Finally Live

by on August 12, 2023

To all players who have purchased access, Team 21 Studios has announced the official Beta 1 launch of its MMORPG game, Ilysia.

Shrugging off a bunch of delays, Team 21 Studio was finally able to go live with the Beta 1 testing phase for their virtual reality game, Ilysia. Citing MagePortal updates, and other bugs, the studio declared that all problems were resolved. The Beta 1 testing phase began on August 12th and will run until August 16th.

In addition, the Beta 2 phase is scheduled to start on August 18th. And the company is granting bonus features and perks due to the delays. Both Beta test phases have been extended by a few days. Plus, fans who purchased a Beta 1 Bundle will also have access to Beta 2.

Another note to players who may encounter downloading issues with the game is the team’s advice to clear cookies and try again. Once the browsers are cleared there should be no issues with logging on.

Team Studio 21 reiterated that players bear in mind that the focus of the Beta 1 phase is to measure large-scale network stress testing. It is possible that players may experience disconnections at some point. Gamers will only need to reconnect and the game will continue from the last moment of gameplay.

Nonetheless, the studio is aware of the challenges they may face during Beta 1. They have come a long way from game development and are eagerly hoping to find success and move closer to the full release of Ilysia.

They are expecting players’ feedback and insight to propel them along in this penultimate step. The community has shown excitement and support for the Beta launch, and the developers’ communication and willingness to extend the testing phases have been well-received.

Moreover, Team Studio 21 has already shown that they are willing to reward cooperation and there is nothing that players love more.


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