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Guild Wars 2 Patch Enhances Gliding! And More! Get The Specs Here!

by on January 27, 2016

A new patch for Guild Wars 2 is granting more freedom for its players. Mainly through the use of Gliding, which has now been expanded to be able to use nearly everywhere in Central Tyria:

Gliding in Central Tyria

  • Gliding is now enabled in Central Tyria. Gliding masteries earned in Heart of Thornswill function in allowed Central Tyrian maps:
    • Gaining the Basic Gliding Mastery now allows for the glider to be used in Central Tyria as well as Heart of Maguuma maps.
    • All cities and open-world maps have gliding enabled. Specific areas will still prevent glider use in order to limit exploits.
    • Gliding remains disabled in dungeons and story instances in Central Tyria.
    • Gliding remains disabled in all PvP and WvW maps, except for the Heart of the Mists.

Another key upgrade is the Squad UI:

Enhanced Squad UI

  • Squads will now have access to squad markers.
    • Squad markers can be placed on a location in the world as well as on targetable items, players, and NPCs.
    • There are eight marker types, each of which has a unique color and symbol.
    • See the Squad section of the Control Options menu [F11] for key bindings related to placing and removing markers.
  • A new Groups category has been added to the General Options menu [F11]. This contains the following options:
    • Select whether to show all commander tags.
    • Use the Simple Party UI (moved from User Interface options).
    • Clear all squad markers regardless of key binding as opposed to having to clear location and target markers separately.
  • Squad Commanders can now appoint lieutenants to take care of administrative tasks. Lieutenants will have the authority to perform the following tasks:
    • Invite and dismiss players.
    • Arrange subgroups (except for moving the commander or other lieutenants).
    • Broadcast messages.
    • Place and remove squad markers.
    • See the chart attached to the bottom of this post for a comparison of the actions available to commanders, lieutenants, and squad members.

You can check out the full patch notes via the official site.


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