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Game-Breaking Bug Found in Fallout 4

by on November 16, 2015

Games go through rigorous testing to make sure they are ready for launching. Often, when they don’t go through testing, or through enough testing, the end product is incredibly buggy, resulting in game-breaking crashes which result in gamers not being able to play the title. This was what occurred with the recent Batman: Arkham Knight game. And now, it appears a game-breaking bug has been found in Fallout 4.

The bug was first reported on the Bethesda Forum for Fallout 4. You can read the testimony from the user below.

“Been playing for around 10 hours now with no problems and now doing a Settlement quest where I have to go to Monsignor but everytime I go there it crashes straight to the desktop without any error message, there isn’t one in the Event Viewer either,” forum user JoeBBBB explains.

He goes into further detail noting that the bug continues to occur, and that gamers shouldn’t start a new run on Fallout 4 in an attempt to stop the bug. If Bethesda makes a fix for this, we will report it.

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