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Fractured Online Launches New Legends Boss Fights

by on October 22, 2023

After a particularly difficult battle, players can now more easily carry on with their exploration in Fractured Online. The fast rest function, which was added with the most recent beta version of the MMORPG, allows players to regain health and mana points.

All you have to do to start a brief rest when you need one is press “K”. It should be noted that interrupting a fast rest with harm or a negative consequence ends the rest. You won’t be able to modify your spells or skills or get rid of the maximum health debuff. Both are only possible close to a fireplace or campfire.

Additionally, all forms of resting will now gradually restore HP and mana points to their maximum numbers as opposed to doing so immediately.

Now, instead of quickly returning HP and mana to their maximum values, all forms of resting restore them gradually.

When you take on the newly added Ultimate Legend challenges—one for each continent—Rumbling Valley in Aerhen and Dancing Stones in Terra, the new functionality will surely come in helpful. You will battle brand-new lightning and ice elemental bosses and mobs in the Rumbling Valley challenge, and an earth elemental boss and a mountain troll boss in Dancing Stones.

The Summonable, Wandering, and Ultimate Legends games will also offer improved prizes to players in addition to additional gameplay improvements and bug fixes. For the complete patch notes, see the Fractured Online website.

The Fall Playtest now has a one-week extension through October 22nd instead of its scheduled Sunday deadline.

Before Steam Early Access reopens, the development team announced this one-week extension to give them more time to polish the game and solve a few more problems as well as collect more player data, particularly regarding player progression.

Players can still sign up and play the free game.

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