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Fractured Online Gets Ready for Early Access

by on October 9, 2023

This week, Dynamight Studios released more updates for Fractured Online. The studio has added two challenging new boss encounters in the form of new Ultimate Legends fights on Aerhen and Terra.

In order to face off against the two ultimate legend bosses at once, players must travel to a specific shrine and quickly clear six stages of enemy encounters. If players are successful in defeating the new bosses, they will earn points or rewards. Some of these are the best rewards currently available in the game. Although Dynamight warns that they will also be the hardest.

In addition to bug fixes, the update features many gameplay improvements.  These include a fix for an annoying issue in which wagons simply detach after a player logs out and remains in the game.

The full patch notes for Fractured Online can be found on the official forums. Meanwhile, the final pre-relaunch beta test is underway so that you can experience the latest build first-hand.

Now for some good news, alchemy’s potion system is on its way. You can only drink potions while resting (and you’ll be able to rest anywhere via a new hotkey), but you’ll have the option of consuming them for a variety of benefits

There’s a risk when using potions, as each one increases toxicity, visible on the screen as a new bar. Too much toxicity damages your regeneration, but they’re adding some talents that can reduce (but not eliminate) toxicity.

As a result of the removal of Charisma, Wisdom has been implemented as a more focused, supporting stat. Players who focus on mana, willpower, and spell effects should take note of this change.

Additionally, this update contains the full post-revamp talent tree. The full list can be found in the update, showing exactly how things have changed and which stats to focus on.

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