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Fire Emblem Heroes Gets New “Sibling Bonds” Update!

by on February 27, 2017

Mere minutes after the “Family Bonds” focus group ended, Fire Emblem Heroes unveiled their next wave of content. Called “Sibling Bonds” a slew of new characters were introduced. Many of which have never been to US shores. As they come from Fire Emblem games like Genealogy of the Holy War, Tharcia 776, and Binding Blade. While also adding an interesting character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

These new characters are Eldigan, Lachesis, Reinhardt, Olwen, Klein and Sanaki. Like most Fire Emblem Heroes characters, they come with their own unique weapons, as well as special abilities. For the time being, these six characters will act at the 5-Star Focus select characters. You can see them in action via the trailer below.

If you wonder why Sanaki is such an interesting character to add here, it’s because she is the only one without a sibling in this pack, or in this game currently. However, she does have a sibling in the form of Micaiah, who is one of the main characters from Radiant Dawn. This seems to indicate that the Tellius characters of Fire Emblem may not be too far off.

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