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Fire Emblem Fates Team Talk About Constructing The Game’s Story!

by on May 18, 2016

Fire Emblem Fates is one of the biggest hits in the franchises history. So much so that Nintendo now returns to the franchise as a “Major IP”. One of the reasons for this is its branched story that played out over three titles. A first for the series.

Masahiro Higuchi and director Kouhei Maeda sat down with IGN to discuss how this idea came to life in Fire Emblem Fates.

“The main concept was to have two kingdoms, the Hoishido and the Nohr, being against each other. We wanted to have the main character make a tough decision to side with either of the two kingdoms. We thought this approach would be interesting for a player to experience in a way that they would go through the game and think, “Well, what would have happened if I had taken the other path?”

“We came up with two completely different stories and different characters that you can have in your group as you progress through the campaign.”

As for Revelations:

“First we had the idea of two opposing kingdoms, and that’s the ultimate choice the main character would have to make. That was the main idea we had from the start. As we were working on it, we felt it would be interesting to have a path where you don’t choose either kingdom. In a way, you would want to help both while not joining either side. That’s how the idea of the third path came about during the development of this game.”

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