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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets New Gameplay Trailer

by on December 5, 2015

At the PlayStation Experience today, Sony unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII, which is coming to the PS4. Not only did the trailer reveal more detailed looks at some of the classic FFVII characters, but there was also gameplay footage as well.

What becomes very clear very quickly is how different this remake is from the original. The character models have been upgraded to a degree that may be beyond what many expected them to be. Also though, as expected, the gameplay for the Final Fantasy VII remake has been revamped. No longer will it be the turn based battles the game was once known for, but rather a free-for-all style that is very reminiscent of RPG’s today.

Finally, as you’ll see in the trailer, the game world is very large and expansive, as we see Cloud both running through the streets, and having to avoid obstacles to get to where he needs to go. No official release date has been given for the remake.

You can check out the trailer below.


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