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Final Fantasy 14 Reveals Endwalker Expansion

by on February 10, 2021

What’s coming next in the world of Final Fantasy 14? Square gave us the answer today….what will be added once the new Endwalker expansion hits?

First off, yes, the level cap is being raised. It will change from 80 to 90. Second, a new healer job will be added to the game. Named Sage, it requires a special type of weapon called a Noulith that has the ability to cast a shield around allies, as well as shoot energy blasts. Not entirely defenseless, but best used in a healer position alongside a Scholar or Astrologian (a job that’s being tweaked to be more of a healer itself).

Sage will not be available until you talk to an NPC in Limisa Loninsa (you must also be level 70 to use it). There’s also a second new job in the works, but Square won’t say what it is yet, only that it will be a melee DPS.

Not only will there be new areas, they’ll be the ones the game has been hinting at forever: the island of Thavnair and the Garlean Empire. You’ll be able to go to both places at last, as well as the moon (as the trailer implies). Also, since the Ishgard restoration project has been completed, you’ll soon be allowed to purchase housing there (but not until patch 6.1).

The next raid tier is called Pandaemonium and has some relation to Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 9, as well as the Ascian, Lahabrea. If you want a break, Square is adding a combat-free island sanctuary where you can chill out, raise animals and grow a garden.

With so much being added, at least one thing is being taken away: belts. Square says they serve no real purpose and will be replaced with something that does. If you have any Materia on the belts, take them off before 6.0 launches or they will be removed automatically.

Speaking of the launch date, when is it? There is no specific day, but the release window has been revealed as Fall 2021. Square will have more info for us about the Endwalker expansion this May.

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