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Embers Adrift Celebrates First Anniversary With Update

by on September 5, 2023

Stormhaven Studios is celebrating its anniversary with a new update to its MMORPG, Embers Adrift. The update will bring new gameplay and great gifts for players.

According to a post on its forum, there is a new storyline. based on the discovery of changes in the Embers. A surge of power is reported from the ‘Ember Veins’ and the ‘Ember Ruptures’. Ashen creatures are becoming more plentiful, which means more Ember Essence can be obtained.

Suddenly, the Academy at Newhaven must get to the bottom of this. As there is more unknown, there is also more potential. The Academy will investigate these fluctuations and refine our use of Ember. Perhaps the alchemical skills wielded by the once-great Vehueramen are not beyond us after all.

In addition to the update, Embers Adrift will celebrate its first-year anniversary on Sunday, October 15th.  A statement on the forum said.

‘It’s our 1 year anniversary and we’ll be celebrating with some unique GM events as well as an announcement, which will include the dates of our next free weekend! It will also include information on further anniversary events forthcoming from that day as well as details on our magic system ‘

Furthermore, in Embers Adrift, players can play over 1000 hours of entertainment available to a single character with quests of multiple outcomes, rare mobs, and thousands of quest items, as well as a steady stream of new content being released regularly.

Plus, a new hunting log allows players to customize their characters with titles and stats. New quests include “Into the Shrieking Warrens,” “In the Name of Science,” and “The Lost Settlers.” Combat has been restructured to make abilities smoother and more engaging.

In addition, player leveling has been made faster for levels 25 and above, with a significant reduction in experience points required. Additionally, armor weights have been adjusted to enhance stat stacking, allowing players to wear more armor at any given time.

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