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Dynamic Queue Matchmaking Updated in League Of Legends

by on July 21, 2016

Matchmaking in games like League of Legends has to be good, else gamers will not wish to return as it would be unfair to keep playing.

Riot Game took to their site to update gamers about the update to Dynamic Queue Matchmaking they had promised a few weeks back.

“Working together with teammates you trust–from the support who knows when you’re gonna make a risky Flash to the jungler who knows you like to bait enemy top laners into overextending–provides more than just a reassuring voice in chat.

At launch, almost-full and full premades were winning far too many of their games over smaller premades, and we prioritized accounting for the benefits of teamwork. When we released our roundtable discussion, we still weren’t where we wanted to be but we knew we were on the way.

We’re almost there. Overall, we’re happy with the result and we’ll continue to optimize the system, concentrating now on specific adjustments to account for different regions’ peak hours and different size populations to fine-tune the matchmaker at a local level.”

They went on to discuss skill level matchmaking too:

“With queue times above Diamond settling in a more reasonable place (right under 15 mins, with many queues popping even before that), we’ve focused on narrowing the skill gap between teams competing around Master tier.

We’ve seen dramatically fewer imbalanced games, and despite lower tiers already having really close pairings, the changes made an impact at every level.”

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