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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Goes Live

by on July 23, 2023

Serpentra, the sea dragon has returned and the world of Atlea is in peril as the dragons are back, and this time with more fury. The country needs bold fighters to confront the challenge and defeat the dragon in their lairs.

As the reign of Serpentra begins, the heart of the Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is to hunt and slay dragons and eventually save the world. Players are now invited to train, form teams or hit alone on a voyage to show off their skills and rise to the next level.

As each dragon is defeated, a new level of achievement and honor. here are the four bases of the game:

  1. Classes: Choose from four classes and start your journey.
  2. The Grand Dragon Hunt: Unite with other slayers to destroy the enemy of Altea.
  3. Player-Driven Economy:
  4. Expansive World and Lovable Companions.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution offers various launch incentives designed to help gamers set off on the best footing.  Players can find:

  • Login rewards
  • Bonuses for accessing the platform, for up to eight days,
  • Level-specific gift packages to reward character progression
  • Treasure chest rewards for completing specific stages.

If you have not tried this game yet, it is time to join over 500,000 players who played the game Early Access. Go here to view the trailer.

Dragon Nest was created by Eyedentity Games in 2011.  The download is available in Google Store.

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