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The Division Wishes To “Stand Out” From Other Clancy Titles

by on December 21, 2015

The Division has been a long anticipated, and long delayed, title from Ubisoft, yet the team behind it seems confident with where it is now. After a closed-alpha test, they believe they are finally close to completion on their title. In an interview with IGN, they reinforce the RPG/Shooter system they’re making, all the while making a title that will feel different than those in the Tom Clancy lineup:

“The key to our RPG experience are the choices around weapons, skills, talents and mods. Do you want to build yourself out as a particularly lethal long range sniper agent who is able to push forward in that one challenging late game mission or are you going to step in the shoes of a healer with your group to make sure that your entire squad makes it? These decisions, as well as the progression choices behind the equipment involved, make The Division stand out in the Clancy line up.”

The Division is set for release March 8th, 2016

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